Webinar July 30: Database Challenges – Open Source Vs. Open Core

Open Source Vs. Open CoreJoin Peter Zaitsev, CEO at Percona, as he discusses database challenges and the concepts of open source and open core. Over the years, open source companies have tried to bring products to market and maximize their revenue streams.  To date, the most popular open source business model remains “Open Core”.  But is open core software still open source?  Or is it a freemium model designed to separate you from your money?  Not all companies follow the same processes, ethics, and rules when building and launching open source products.  Let’s talk about how the open core bait and switch works for many companies in the open source space.

Join this webinar to learn more about:

– Open Source and Open core distinction
– Free enterprise-class community versions alternatives
– Use-cases that successfully moved away from vendor lock-in

Please join Peter Zaitsev on Thursday, July 30 at 12 pm EDT for his webinar “Database Challenges: Open Source Vs. Open Core“.

Watch the Recording

If you can’t attend, sign up anyway and we’ll send you the slides and recording afterward.

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