Webinar January 28: Tuning PostgreSQL for High Performance and Optimization

Tuning PostgreSQL webinar

PostgreSQL is one of the leading open-source databases, but, out of the box, the default PostgreSQL configuration is not tuned for any workload. Thus, any system with the least resources can run it. PostgreSQL does not give optimum performance on high permanence machines because it is not using all available resources. PostgreSQL provides a […]

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Webinar January 26: Using Percona Monitoring and Management to Identify and Troubleshoot Problematic MySQL Queries

Troubleshoot Problematic MySQL Queries webinar

Join us as Michael Coburn, Percona Product Manager, discusses two methods to identify and troubleshoot problematic MySQL queries using the RED Method and Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) Query Analytics. He will also highlight specific Dashboards in PMM that visualize the rate, errors, and duration of MySQL events that may be impacting the stability […]

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Webinar January 19: Maximize the Benefits of Using Open Source MongoDB with Percona Distribution for MongoDB

Maximize the Benefits of Using Open Source MongoDB

Many organizations require an Enterprise subscription of MongoDB for the support coverage and additional features that it provides. However, many are unaware that there is an open source alternative offering all the features and benefits of a MongoDB Enterprise subscription without the licensing fees and the vendor lock-in.
In this joint NessPRO webinar geared at […]

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Google Cloud Platform: MySQL at Scale with Reliable HA Webinar Q&A

MySQL at Scale with Reliable HA

Earlier in November, we had a chance to present the “Google Cloud Platform: MySQL at Scale with Reliable HA.” We discussed different approaches to hosting MySQL in Google Cloud Platform with the available options’ pros and cons. This webinar was recorded and can be viewed here at any time. We had several great questions, […]

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Webinar January 20: MariaDB Observability

MariaDB Observability

Don’t miss out! Join Peter Zaitsev, Percona CEO, as he discusses MariaDB observability!
A broken MariaDB means a broken application, so maintaining insights in MariaDB operational performance is critical. Thankfully MariaDB offers a lot in terms of observability to quickly resolve problems and get great insights into optimization opportunities.
In this webinar, we will cover the […]

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