Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL 11 (Beta) Is Now Available

Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL 11Percona is excited to announce the beta release of Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL 11 on August 19, 2019. This release signifies a change in Percona’s software release process. In order to provide a full-featured and holistic solution, we are introducing a product distribution: a database product and tools that enable solving essential practical tasks efficiently.

Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL is a collection of tools to assist you in managing your PostgreSQL database systemIt installs PostgreSQL v11.5 and complements it by a selection of extensions:

    • Additional extensions supported by PostgreSQL Global Development Group
    • pg_repack is a third-party extension to rebuild PostgreSQL database objects
    • pgaudit is a third-party extension that provides detailed session or object audit logging via the standard logging facility of PostgreSQL
    • pgBackRest is a third-party backup tool which is a better alternative to the built-in PostgreSQL backup solution (pg_basebackup)
    • Patroni is an HA (high availability) solution for PostgreSQL, widely used and supported by a strong community

Switching to Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL is safe: there is no need for dump and restore or additional downtime. Having installed Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL, you may continue to use existing PostgreSQL databases.

All tools that make up Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL are open-source and free. Find the release notes for Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL 11 in our online documentation. Report bugs in the Jira bug tracker.

This is a Beta Release

Bear in mind that this is a beta release. Percona Distribution for PostgreSQL 11 has undergone intensive testing in-house. However, errors may be encountered, and some design changes may occur before the GA release slated for later this year.

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