The MySQL Track (and More) at Percona Live 2019

Percona Live 2019This year we’re having a different concept for Percona Live conferences, which started at Percona Live Europe 2018 last fall. This is an approach practiced by many other organizations by having separate track for MySQL®, MongoDB®, MariaDB®, or PostgreSQL and more.

Having many tracks in this big Open Source Database Conference meant that one track steering committee could not be asked to handle all the talks for each track. So we formed several mini-committees to make sure that the submissions to each of the tracks received the right level of attention from the right kind of reviewers.

I had the honor of championing the MySQL Track along with mini-committee Derek Downey from Pythian, Gillian Gunson from GitHub, Jeremy Cole from Shopify, Dave Stoker from Oracle, Shiv Iyer from WebsScale, Calvin Sun from Huawei, and Kenny Gryp from Oracle.

This committee worked diligently to evaluate each and every submission that fell within the realm of MySQL.

MySQL Track by numbers

Committee members worked independently to review and grade the submissions, then collaborated on conference calls to discuss our thoughts and generate a shortlist. The shortlist was then reviewed by our very own Percona Product Management team.


On Tuesday, 28 May half-day MySQL tutorials are available offering content suitable for beginner, intermediate, and advanced attendees, as well as tutorials covering open source tools. In total, Percona Live offers 16 tutorials.

50 minute talks

We’re allocated two rooms for the MySQL track, offering eighteen 50 minute talks. The track committee chose from 118 submissions, filtered from over 300 talks submitted in total not including sponsored submissions. We looked to cover across subjects with either tooling, use case scenarios, edge cases, new releases and more.

25 minute talks

We filled our eight slots of 25 minutes from more than forty submissions, along with a few that we agreed would be better converted from a 50 minute talk.

Some great talks were not selected…

Once the committee completed grading we took a long look across the track to make sure that we offered variety of topic and of difficulty. It was a hard call as there were several great talks we would like to have it in our show but they were too similar to another, highly graded, talk. We want everyone to get the best of their time at Percona Live and avoid empty rooms, and offering a variety of talks is an important aspect. This is something we care a lot about here at Percona, from the perspective of both attendees and speakers.

Don’t miss out

Last but not least if you still haven’t booked your trip, and a discount on your seat could persuade you, tweet to @ask_dba and I’ll see what I can rustle up. Look forward to seeing you in Austin,Texas.

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