Percona XtraBackup Now Supports Dump of InnoDB Buffer Pool

percona-xtra-backup buffer pool restoreInnoDB keeps hot data in memory on its buffer named InnoDB Buffer Pool. For a long time, when a MySQL instance needed to bounce, this hot cached data was lost and the instance required a warm-up period to perform as well as it did before the service restart.

That is not the case anymore. Newer versions of MySQL/MariaDB allow users to save the state of this buffer by dumping tablespace ID’s and page ID’s to a file on disk that will be loaded automatically on startup, making the newly started server buffer pool as it was prior the restart.

Details about the MySQL implementation can be found at

With that in mind, Percona XtraBackup versions 2.4.13 can now instruct MySQL to dump the content of buffer pool while taking a backup. This means you can restore the backup on a new server and make MySQL perform just like the other instance in terms of InnoDB Buffer Pool data.

How it works

The buffer pool dump happens at the beginning of backup if --dump-innodb-buffer-pool is set.

The user can choose to change the default innodb_buffer_pool_dump_pct. If --dump-innodb-buffer-pool-pct is set, it stores the current MySQL innodb_buffer_pool_dump_pct value, then it changes it to the desired percentage. After the end of the backup, original values is restored back.

The actual file copy happens at the end of the backup.

Percona XtraDB Cluster

A very good use case is PXC/Galera. When a node initiates SST, we would like the joiner to have a copy of InnoDB Buffer Pool from the donor. We can configure PXC nodes to do that:

Here is an example of a PXC node that just received SST:

Before PXB-1548:

Joiner started with a cold buffer pool.

After adding dump-innodb-buffer-pool and dump-innodb-buffer-pool-pct=100 to my.cnf :

Joiner started with a copy of the buffer pool from the donor, which will reduce the joiner warm-up period.


The new version of Percona XtraBackup can help to minimize the time a newly restored backup will take to perform like source server

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