Percona Toolkit 2.2.20 is now available

Percona Toolkit 2.2.20Percona announces the availability of Percona Toolkit 2.2.20. Released December 9, 2016, Percona Toolkit is a collection of advanced command-line tools that perform a variety of MySQL server and system tasks that DBAs find too difficult or complex for to perform manually. Percona Toolkit, like all Percona software, is free and open source.

This release is the current GA (Generally Available) stable release in the 2.2 series. Downloads are available here and from the Percona Software Repositories.

New Features:
  • 1636068: New --pause-file option has been implemented for pt-online-schema-change. When used pt-online-schema-change will pause while the specified file exists.
  • 1638293 and 1642364: pt-online-schema-change now supports adding and removing the DATA DIRECTORY to a new table with the --data-dir and --remove-data-dir options.
  • 1642994: Following schemas/tables have been added to the default ignore list: mysql.gtid_execution, sys.sys_config, mysql.proc, mysql.inventory, mysql.plugin, percona.* (including checksums, DSNs table), test.*, and percona_schema.*
  • 1643940: pt-summary now provides information about Transparent huge pages.
  • 1604834: New --preserve-embedded-numbers option was implemented for pt-query-digest which can be used to preserve numbers in database/table names when fingerprinting queries.
Bugs Fixed:
  • 1613915: pt-online-schema-change could miss the data due to the way ENUM values are sorted.
  • 1625005: pt-online-schema-change didn’t apply underscores to foreign keys individually.
  • 1566556: pt-show-grants didn’t work correctly with MariaDB 10 (Daniël van Eeden).
  • 1634900: pt-upgrade would fail when log contained SELECT...INTO queries.
  • 1639052: pt-table-checksum now automatically excludes checking schemas named percona and percona_schema which aren’t consistent across the replication hierarchy.
  • 1635734: pt-slave-restart --config did not recognize = as a separator.
  • 1362942: pt-slave-restart would fail on MariaDB 10.0.13.

Find release details in the release notes and the 2.2.20 milestone at Launchpad. Report bugs on the Percona Toolkit launchpad bug tracker

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