Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) Information Script

Percona Monitoring and ManagementThis blog post discusses an information script for the Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) tool.

In recent news, we announced the fresh-of-the-press Percona Monitoring and Management (or PMM for short) platform. Given the interaction of the different components that together make up PMM, I developed a script that helps provide you information about the status of your PMM installation.

You can use this script yourself, or one of our support might point you to this page to obtain the information they need to troubleshoot an issue you are experiencing.

You will likely want to execute this script once on the PMM server (i.e., the server on which you installed the docker image), and once on the client (i.e., where you installed the PMM client rpm/apt package), if they are not the same (virtual) machine. It provides a different output for each. When sending this information back to us, please ensure to identify which output belongs to which machine (either the server or the client).

To get/run the script, use (please note that this script requires sudo privileges):

wget && sh ./

If you would like to examine the script contents before executing it, you can split the command:

If you have both the PMM server and the PMM client on a single machine, the output looks similar to the following: