Percona XtraBackup 2.3.4 is now available

Percona XtraBackup 2.3.4 for MySQL Percona is glad to announce the release of Percona XtraBackup 2.3.4 on March 17th, 2016. Downloads are available from our download site or Percona Software Repositories.

Percona XtraBackup enables MySQL backups without blocking user queries, making it ideal for companies with large data sets and mission-critical applications that cannot tolerate long periods of downtime. Offered free as an open source solution, Percona XtraBackup drives down backup costs while providing unique features for MySQL backups.

This release is the current GA (Generally Available) stable release in the 2.3 series.

Bugs Fixed:

  • Percona XtraBackup didn’t respect variables stored in backup-my.cnf unless it was specified. One needed to specify --defaults-file=backup-my.cnf for options to be respected. Bug fixed #1527081.
  • Percona XtraBackup didn’t abort the backup if innobackupex --rsync completed with error. Bug fixed #1537256.
  • When backup was taken on MariaDB 10 with GTID enabled, Percona XtraBackup didn’t store gtid_slave_pos in xtrabackup_slave_info file but logged it only to STDERR. Bug fixed #1404484.
  • Percona XtraBackup was silently skipping extra arguments. Bug fixed #1533542 (Fungo Wang).
  • Percona XtraBackup refuses client connecting to server if it uses old (pre-4.1.1) protocol. To disable this check in order and to allow backing up servers with legacy passwords still set, new xtrabackup --skip-secure-auth option has been implemented. Bug fixed #1508450.

Release notes with all the bugfixes for Percona XtraBackup 2.3.4 are available in our online documentation. Bugs can be reported on the launchpad bug tracker.

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Comments (2)

  • Nick Le Mouton Reply

    What’s happening with xbcloud? Is this binary still being worked on? The documentation is out of date and the binary seems broken (see this bug:

    March 17, 2016 at 4:40 pm
    • Sergei Glushchenko Reply

      Hello Nick! Next thing to implement in xbcloud would be to add support for S3.
      Please file bug reports with examples of the outdated docs if you spotted something.
      As for bug report you mentioned, it lacks details to be reproducible. Lets discuss there.

      March 24, 2016 at 5:33 am

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