Percona Server for MongoDB 3.0.7-1.0 is now available

psmdb-logoPercona is pleased to announce the GA release of Percona Server for MongoDB 3.0.7-1.0 on December 14, 2015. Download the latest version from the Percona web site or from the Percona Software Repositories.

Percona Server for MongoDB is an enhanced, open source, fully compatible, highly scalable, zero-maintenance downtime database supporting the MongoDB v3.0 protocol and drivers. Based on MongoDB 3.0.7, it extends MongoDB with MongoRocks and PerconaFT storage engines, as well as features like external authentication and audit logging. Percona Server for MongoDB requires no changes to MongoDB applications or code.


NOTE: The MongoRocks engine included in this release is based on RocksDB 4.0.0. For more information, see the RocksDB changelog.


New Features:

  • Percona TokuBackup is an integrated open-source hot backup system for MongoDB servers running the PerconaFT storage engine (including Percona Server for MongoDB)
  • Concurrency optimization for lock-managed storage engines, such as PerconaFT. Pre-locking document ranges on index scans greatly improves performance of such engines.

Bug Fixes:

  • PSMDB-18: Changed the default data directory (dbpath) to /var/lib/mongo for RHEL/CentOS.
  • PSMDB-28: Fixed an Invariant failure when creating a sparse index with the WiredTiger storage engine.

Build and Packaging Fixes:

  • BLD-331: Fixed the service mongod stop command for Debian.
  • BLD-332: Fixed logic for script to correctly handle Transparent Huge Pages.
  • BLD-343: Added the postrm script with appropriate logic to handle proper data files removal when running apt-get purge.
  • BLD-344: Switched to new YAML configuration format.
  • BLD-369: Changed the mongod installation path to /usr/bin.
  • Fixed the mongod system group creation command.

PerconaFT Fixes:

  • FT-456: Serialized FT fanout to disk
  • FT-675: Removed unnecessary assertion on setlocale() success in ctest suite
  • FT-681: Fixed transactional inconsistency with rollback
  • FT-682: Reduced the amount of malloc_usable_size() calls
  • FT-684: Implemented a logical row count mechanism to make the estimated number of rows reflect the actual number of rows in heavily used tables
  • FT-685: Introduced branch prediction macros
  • FT-688: Changed licensing and naming from Tokutek to Percona
  • FT-690: Fixed reserved_filenum overflow
  • FT-692: Added a dummy field to make sizeof(DB_LSN) equal in C and C++
  • FT-699: Added and replaced field initializers that caused build fails
  • FT-702: Replaced the ZERO_COND_INITIALIZER definition with an empty brace pair intializer to stop build fails
  • Fixed memory leak due to data race in context status initialization
  • Fixed memory leak found with address sanitizer
  • Fixed assert in circular buffer assert caused by race
  • Improved database creation time
  • Implemented grabbing of evictor mutex when signaling the evictor condition variable

Percona Server for MongoDB 3.0.7-1.0 release notes are available in the official documentation.

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