Upcoming Webinar: MySQL 5.7 in a Nutshell

MySQL 5.7Join Alexander Rubin, Principal Consultant, Percona as he provides an overview of MySQL 5.7 features. Wednesday, December 9, 2015 10:00AM PST (GMT -08:00).

MySQL® 5.7 is a great release that has a lot to offer, especially in the areas of development and replication. It provides many new optimizer features for developers, a much more powerful GIS function, and a high performance JSON data type – allowing for a more powerful store for semi-structured data. It also features a dramatically improved Performance Schema and Parallel and Multi-Source replication – allowing you to scale much further than ever before.

Primary manageability enhancements within MySQL 5.7 include:

  • New Native JSON Data Type and JSON Functions: Allows for efficient and flexible storage, search, and manipulation of schema-less data.
  • Performance Schema: Enables instrumentation for memory, transactions, stored routines, prepared statements, replication, and locks.
  • MySQL SYS Schema: Provides helper objects that answer common performance, health, usage, and monitoring questions.
  • Improved Security: Delivers easier and safer instance initialization, setup and management.
  • Expanded Geographic Information System (GIS) Support for Mobile Applications: Provides spatial index support in InnoDB, GeoJSON, and GeoHash.

Key enhancements in MySQL 5.7 for greater performance and scalability include:

  • Enhanced Speed: In benchmark tests MySQL 5.7 delivered 1,600,000 queries per second (QPS) – 3x faster than MySQL 5.6.
  • Optimized InnoDB: New capabilities include increased performance and concurrency, enhanced on-line operations, spatial indexes, and native partitioning.
  • More Robust Replication: Enhancements to MySQL’s replication features include multi-source replication, enhanced Global Transaction Identifiers (GTIDs), and improved multi-threaded slaves for better scalability and availability.
  • Enhanced Optimizer: A new MySQL optimizer dynamic cost model provides better query performance and greater user control.

This webinar will be part of a 3-part series, which will include MySQL 5.7 for developers and MySQL 5.7 for DBAs.

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