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Upcoming Webinar: MySQL 5.7 in a Nutshell

 | December 2, 2015 |  Posted In: MySQL


MySQL 5.7Join Alexander Rubin, Principal Consultant, Percona as he provides an overview of MySQL 5.7 features. Wednesday, December 9, 2015 10:00AM PST (GMT -08:00).

MySQL® 5.7 is a great release that has a lot to offer, especially in the areas of development and replication. It provides many new optimizer features for developers, a much more powerful GIS function, and a high performance JSON data type – allowing for a more powerful store for semi-structured data. It also features a dramatically improved Performance Schema and Parallel and Multi-Source replication – allowing you to scale much further than ever before.

Primary manageability enhancements within MySQL 5.7 include:

  • New Native JSON Data Type and JSON Functions: Allows for efficient and flexible storage, search, and manipulation of schema-less data.
  • Performance Schema: Enables instrumentation for memory, transactions, stored routines, prepared statements, replication, and locks.
  • MySQL SYS Schema: Provides helper objects that answer common performance, health, usage, and monitoring questions.
  • Improved Security: Delivers easier and safer instance initialization, setup and management.
  • Expanded Geographic Information System (GIS) Support for Mobile Applications: Provides spatial index support in InnoDB, GeoJSON, and GeoHash.

Key enhancements in MySQL 5.7 for greater performance and scalability include:

  • Enhanced Speed: In benchmark tests MySQL 5.7 delivered 1,600,000 queries per second (QPS) – 3x faster than MySQL 5.6.
  • Optimized InnoDB: New capabilities include increased performance and concurrency, enhanced on-line operations, spatial indexes, and native partitioning.
  • More Robust Replication: Enhancements to MySQL’s replication features include multi-source replication, enhanced Global Transaction Identifiers (GTIDs), and improved multi-threaded slaves for better scalability and availability.
  • Enhanced Optimizer: A new MySQL optimizer dynamic cost model provides better query performance and greater user control.

This webinar will be part of a 3-part series, which will include MySQL 5.7 for developers and MySQL 5.7 for DBAs.

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Alexander Rubin

Alexander joined Percona in 2013. Alexander worked with MySQL since 2000 as DBA and Application Developer. Before joining Percona he was doing MySQL consulting as a principal consultant for over 7 years (started with MySQL AB in 2006, then Sun Microsystems and then Oracle). He helped many customers design large, scalable and highly available MySQL systems and optimize MySQL performance. Alexander also helped customers design Big Data stores with Apache Hadoop and related technologies.

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