InnoDB: look after fragmentation

One problem made me puzzled for couple hours, but it was really interesting to figure out what’s going on.

So let me introduce problem at first. The table is

Table has 11864696 rows and takes Data_length: 698,351,616 bytes on disk

The problem is that after restoring table from mysqldump, the query that scans data by primary key was slow. How slow ? Let me show.

The query in question is (Q1):

On cold buffer_pool, it took:

However the query (again on cold buffer_pool) (Q2)

Difference is impressive. 4 min 13.61 sec vs 18.81 sec

If you want EXPLAIN plain, here it is:

For Q1:

For Q2:

Query Q1 is executed using Primary Key, and Query Q2 is using block_id key.

To get more details I ran both queries with our extended stats in slow.log (available in 5.0-percona releases)

So for query Q1:

And for query Q2:

As you see for Q1 IO read took 236.149003 sec vs 0.165124 for Q2. But Q1 is scan by primary key, which supposed to be

Let’s see on another statistic, which available in innodb_check_fragmentation patch:

for Q1: