Statistics of InnoDB tables and indexes available in xtrabackup

If you ever wondered how big is that or another index in InnoDB … you had to calculate it yourself by multiplying size of row (which I should add is harder in the case of a VARCHAR – since you need to estimate average length) on count of records. And it still would be quite inaccurate as secondary indexes tend to take more space. So we added more detailed index statistics into our xtrabackup utility. The thanks for this feature goes to a well known Social Network who sponsored the development.

We chose to put this into xtrabackup for a couple of reasons – the first is that running statistics on your backup database does not need to hurt production servers, and the second reason is that running statistic on a stopped database is more accurate than with online (although online is also supported, but you may have inexact results).

Let’s see how it works. I have one table with size 13Gb what was filled during about 2.5 years.
The table is:

And size of file is about 12.88 GB

So to get statistics we run:

which will show something like this: