Improving InnoDB recovery time


Speed of InnoDB recovery is known and quite annoying problem. It was discussed many times, see:

This is problem when your InnoDB crashes, it may takes long time to start. Also it affects restoring from backup (both LVM and xtrabackup / innobackup)

In this is simple test, I do crash mysql during in-memory tpcc-mysql benchmark with 16 running threads.
MySQL params are:

So let’s take standard MySQL 5.4.1, it starts:

So you see it takes 1h 12 mins to start.

In XtraDB we made some improvements, and it shows:

1h 06mins. Better, but still not good.

So Yasufumi sat, scratched his head and made new patch for InnoDB. With this patch
mysqld starts:

6 mins 41 secs. 10x improvement. Something to think about.

The patch is not in official XtraDB tree yet, it lives in

The patch by itself is quite small, I would ask InnoDB experts to review it:

So your comments about patch is welcome! If it is stable it will go to XtraDB and XtraBackup.



  1. Mark Callaghan says

    Yasufumi rocks! But we don’t hear enough about his amazing work. I think Percona needs another person who spends all of their time explaining his changes to the rest of us.

  2. says

    Nice! :-) Last time I looked at the problem, I considered putting the whole structure into RB-tree, which would mean way way more code.
    Indeed, explaining some of the changes could be very nice thing to do %)

  3. says

    This is pretty cool !

    We should see how recovery math will work now – it may change the log files usable in production dramatically.

  4. Shirish says

    Amazing. The patch is really tiny, some explanation on how & why this works so beautifully will really help.

  5. Gavin Towey says

    Awesome work!

    One question though: does this patch affect rollback time as well? Is it related to the crash recovery process?

  6. Vadim says

    Ok, ok,

    we are preparing explanation. Unfortunately for Yafusumi good explanation in English much harder than writing C code :)

  7. Mark Callaghan says

    …or the community can contribute. I volunteer Domas to document this one.

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