MySQL Binaries Percona build10


We made new binaries for MySQL 5.0.67 build 10 which include next fixes:

  • We addressed concerns about potential logging and statistics overhead, so now you can fully turn on / off query statistics for microslow patch and user statistics in runtime.

Next variables were added:

With both slow_query_log = OFF and userstat_running = OFF we have no performance penalties of using of patches.

  • Also we fixed potential memory leaks in microslow and userstats patches, the leak appeared under some workloads.

The -percona release includes:

and -percona-highperf release additionaly includes

You can download RPMs for RedHat / CentOS 4.x and 5.x for x86_64, binaries, sources and patches there

OurDelta builds of this should becoming soon.



  1. Anonymous Coward says

    Is there any specific method you suggest to follow upgrade path from 5.0.51 (or whatever) standard mysql to your percona-highperf build?

  2. says

    Assuming you’re using RPM with same layout you can upgrade same way as you would upgrade to MySQL versions of them.

    (RPM from RedHat and MySQL for example use a bit different layout for the same platform)

  3. Vadim says

    Actually just update may not work. As we use different Vendor in RPM .spec the way to install is to delete old RPM (rpm -e) and install new one (rpm -i)

  4. Vadim says


    We have not focused on win32 development, and I even guess some our patches break windows compilation.
    It comes from the fact we fix performance problems on production boxes, but MySQL is rarely run on Win32 production system.

  5. Antony says

    I’m going to see if I can set aside some time to do some Win32 builds … And I’ll look at learning how to create msi binaries so that they may be easily installed.

    If I have enough spare moments, I may build the Win32 binaries to permit storage engines to be installed as plugins. The last time I did that was an internal mysql “proof of concept” build I did more than 2 years ago. AFAIK, the zip file is still attached to the worklog. 2

  6. Vadim says


    We may look into, though I expect problem with compilation (even for Solaris it is not compiled clean). And I don’t think we can make rw_lock working on Win32 (though we may exclude this patch)

  7. nicholas says

    we have been using the 67-b10 version since around release, and we see a memory usage development that would indicate a meory leak?

    Server version: 5.0.67-percona-highperf-b10-log MySQL Percona High Performance Edition (GPL)

    Week 50 we ran stock redhat mysql . Early week 51 we installed the percona version. since then memory usage has been growing. Last week orso it ran out of swap space, so we added some more today 😉

    We also run another place, without the same problems.


  8. Vadim says


    can you show your my.cnf and SHOW GLOBAL VARIABLES

    you can send me it in private email to vadim @ thisdomain

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