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Leaving MySQL, MySQL Consulting

 | July 31, 2006 |  Posted In: Insight for DBAs


I’m leaving MySQL starting 1st of August. This is surely not news for my collegues and friends who knew this is comming.

We’re starting our own company which will provide MySQL Consulting services. We’ll focus on MySQL Performance Optimization but will be able to help pretty much with all MySQL related issues. We can also act as your remote MySQL DBA or help you scaling your LAMP Application.

In addition to that I’ll get back on Entrepreneurial track and work on few Web Projects. Some of you know before joining MySQL I was co-founder and CTO of well known Web Statistics company in Russia and I loved it a lot. I will keep you posted as soon as I have something to show.

I will continue being part of MySQL Community, hopefully getting even more time for this. I will update this blog, hang around on forum, speak on conference as well as work on couple of MySQL related Open Source projects.

If you have any referrals or leads for my new Consulting Venture let me know. If you worked with me personally good testimonials would also be great. I’ve got to do some Sales and Marketing now 🙂

Peter Zaitsev

Peter managed the High Performance Group within MySQL until 2006, when he founded Percona. Peter has a Master's Degree in Computer Science and is an expert in database kernels, computer hardware, and application scaling.


  • So Peter it appears we will be competitors henceforth. That’s OK there’s lots of room in this business for all of us. Out of the 100,000 or so DBAs working in the USA, I estimate fewer than 500 industry-wide are working in outsourced or managed services shops like mine, and soon yours.

    Best wishes and good luck, it’ll be a fun and challenging ride for you henceforth for sure (oh to be in 1997 again… )

    Paul Vallée
    President, The Pythian Group, Inc.

  • Xaprb, Thank you for your wishes,

    Paul – thank you for your wishes and for link pointer to your site. I see you specialize in Remote DBA services while I offer it on the side to Consulting which is my main focus.

    Billy – Do not be worried. I’m leaving MySQL as a company but I will continue maintaining this blog, might be even having more time to do so.

  • Good luck, Peter.
    I was thoroughly impressed by your sessions and the performance BoF at the MySQLUC this year; I’m glad to hear the blog will stay open!

    By the way, did Jay ever end up buying you that beer from the BoF? 😉

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  • Frank,

    Thank you. I will try to propose couple of sessions for next year MySQL conference as well. Feel free to give me referrals if you have any 🙂

  • Peter,

    Exciting news. We are actively seeking your kind of resources to help us in our customer engagemets. I am sure we will collaborate with you on MySQL high availability and scalability solution, especially as you have focused on MySQL performance related issues during past several years.



  • Hi Peter,

    I wish you good luck, have a lot of fun in your new job!

    However we could meet somewhere in a biz field.

    It was a real pleasure working with you regarding MySQL bottlenecks and benchmarking.

    Good luck again,

  • Thanks Artem,

    Indeed things go well we have a lot of work – fun work and a lot of customers – good happy customers.
    I enjoy being my own boss (and boss for bunch of other people) and try to be good boss for them
    So there is surely no regrets 🙂

  • How can a USA company possibly compete?

    Offshore companies are offering MySQL consulting for a little as $1 an hour. Even offshore companies that offer that have consultants with degrees and the full range of MySQL certs, are only charging about $15 an hour.

    Since MySQL is mostly used for web-work, I would think that most MySQL consultants could work from anywhere.

  • Hehehe,

    I do not know why those people keep coming to us instead of hiring MySQL Experts for $1 per hour…

    Speaking seriously I would ask another questions – why those “experts” charging $1-$15 dollars per hour are working for such low rate while companies have hard time filling MySQL experts position at often $100K+ rate ? May be it is different kind of experts after all.

  • >>companies have hard time filling MySQL experts position at often $100K+ rate<<

    I am in Denver. I see ads for Oracle and SQL-Sever DBAs and developers all the time, usually in the $50 – $70 an hour rate. I very rarely see ads for MySQL experts. Usually MySQL is an also-ran skill for Linux admins or PHP developers. At least, that is what I am seeing. Maybe I’m missing something?

    Are you saying that off-shore DBAs and developers, are not as good as local? I can not think of any reason why that would be.

    Even if employers are paying strong salaries to MySQL experts today, will that last? Considering all the aggressive offshoring that is going on, it would be hard for me to feel confident about that.

    I am presently not working. I was laid-off from my last job because the entire department was off-shored to Argintina. So please don’t tell me that sort of thing does not happen.

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