Percona Care Ultimate Provides Turnkey Database Support and Comprehensive Database Managed Services

Looking for a more cost-effective way to ensure the best database performance? If maintaining a full-time team of DBAs is too costly and complex to manage, it’s time to consider Percona Care Ultimate.

Percona Care Ultimate offers everything you need to support daily database operations, optimization and management. Our comprehensive technical Support, Consulting and Managed Services are designed to keep your database running at peak performance 24x7x365.

With Percona Care Ultimate, you get in-depth technical expertise on demand and at an affordable price. This means you don’t have to hire the right skill set to diagnose and fix problems — we take care of matching the right resources to your environment.

Guaranteeing database performance is key to making sure our web applications are responsive and up-to-date. Percona Care Ultimate helps us to achieve these objectives.

Our team includes many of the world’s top experts in high-performance MySQL®. They have extensive experience with the most demanding and complex open source database environments and can quickly solve problems to ensure uninterrupted database access online or off.

With Percona Care Ultimate, you get Percona’s complete suite of unlimited, enterprise-level database support and consulting services for predefined, structured projects. We also provide remote DBA and backup services to keep your business-critical applications and systems up and running at all times.