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Percona Care Ultimate – Database Support, Managed Services

Turnkey Database Support and Remote DBA Managed Services

Data is critical to your business, but optimizing, supporting and managing your databases – whether MySQL or other open source database – might not be the best place for you to spend your time and energy.

Percona Care Ultimate allows you to focus on your core business by outsourcing the daily operational database support, optimization and management to Percona, the data performance experts.

Percona Care Ultimate provides expert database support and management that is reliable and always available so that you can make longterm budget decisions without breaking your bank.

The benefits of Percona Care Ultimate are immediate, noticeable and long lasting—and they come at a price that is affordable, easily justified and matched to your budget and needs.

Percona Care delivers immediate performance gains for your business-critical systems through problem diagnosis and optimized tuning. This ensures your systems remain running at peak performance with ongoing technical Support, Consulting and Managed Services.

No more MySQL or other open source database support worries

You’ll have the peace of mind that comes from database support that guarantees a properly configured database and infrastructure, along with the confidence that open source database experts are tracking any issues that could affect database performance. You also have the added benefit of leveraging Percona Consulting and Managed Services solutions to augment and scale your current resources as new projects are added to support your own growing business or data management needs.

Outstanding database performance

Percona Care Ultimate also delivers around-the-clock DBA coverage for business-critical applications and systems. You get Percona¹s complete suite of unlimited 24x7x365 enterprise-level database Support and Consulting services for predefined, structured projects, and Remote DBA and Backup Services for your most business-critical applications and systems.

With Percona Care Ultimate, you can rest assured that your MySQL or other open source database receives the database support it requires.

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