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October 3-5, 2016

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Using Ansible to Manage MySQL

Using Ansible to Manage MySQL

 4 October 5:20 PM - 6:10 PM @ Lausanne
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50 minutes conference


In this session we will review how the open-source database team at SurveyMonkey uses Ansible as both a configuration management and automation tool for our MySQL fleet. We'll review how we address several challenges: - Simultaneously supporting multiple major versions of MySQL - Managing inherited clusters with configuration inconsistencies - Using Ansible as a configuration management tool - Deploying new clusters with one Ansible run By the end of this session, you'll see how Ansible can be a useful, flexible tool for managing a diverse, complicated MySQL environment, and be inspired to find new ways you can use automation in your environment.


Josh Varner's picture

Josh Varner

Data Infrastructure Engineering Manager, SurveyMonkey


Josh manages the open-source data infrastructure team at SurveyMonkey, working on MySQL and its supporting infrastructure. Prior to SurveyMonkey, Josh was a member of the DBA team at Twitter, working on the distributed column-store database, Vertica, and MySQL. Prior to that, he was a database engineer for a data consultancy, InterWorks.

Emily Slocombe's picture

Emily Slocombe

Senior Database Administrator, SurveyMonkey


Emily has recently joined SurveyMonkey as a MySQL DBA, after 4 years of being a Platform DBA at Acquia. Emily has been in tech since 1998 - mostly working in the LAMP stack. She's been at various companies in that time, but only really got interested in MySQL while at Nokia in 2010 supporting their service that ran on Drupal. Emily is located in Portland, Oregon.

Mark Filipi's picture

Mark Filipi

Senior Database Administrator, SurveyMonkey


Mark's role at SurveyMonkey spans a variety of applications and users that utilize MySQL. Previously at PalominoDB, he worked on everything from startups to video games to presidential elections. Based out of Kansas City, he enjoys very fast internet.

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