How Intel benchmarks database performance using HammerDB

Wednesday 11:20AM-12:10PM

@ Field Suite 1

MySQL / MariaDBOpen Source Databases

50 minutes conference


Business / Case Studies

When Intel launched the Xeon Scalable Processors in July 2017 the database benchmark used was HammerDB. HammerDB is an open source graphical benchmarking tool that enables the comparison between both open source and commercial databases on multiple platforms for OLTP and Query based workloads.
This presentation takes a real-world example of comparing MariaDB with a commercial database on Linux on Intel to show how to understand the benchmarks used and how to tune, configure and present findings on both performance and cost in a clear and concise way to evaluate the move to an open source database platform.
Based on the findings this session will share key learnings on current optimal platforms and storage technologies for database as well as the Intel focus on applying technologies to open source database acceleration such as FPGA and SSD and non-volatile memory.
Insights and previews will also be given into ongoing HammerDB development.


Steve Shaw

Steve Shaw (Intel)

Database Technology Manager


Steve Shaw is a database professional specialized in real world performance and scalability. Developer of the HammerDB benchmarking application for databases and author of database books published by Apress. Steve's role is to advance database platforms through the adoption of new technologies.


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