regular expressionsThis blog post highlights a video on how to use regular expressions.

It’s been a while since I did the MySQL QA and Bash Training Series. The 13 episodes were quite enjoyable to make, and a lot of people watched the video’s and provided great feedback.

In today’s new video, I’d like to briefly go over regular expressions. The session will cover the basics of regular expressions, and then some. I’ll follow up later with a more advanced regex session too.

Regular expressions are very versatile, and once you know how to use them – especially as a script developer or software coder – you will return to them again and again. Enjoy!

Presented by Roel Van de Paar. Full-screen viewing @ 720p resolution recommended


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Hi Roel,

This is by far the best regular expression tutorial I have ever seen. Your method for teaching regular expressions is progressive with a sweet learning curve. I have to admit that a main weakness of mine lies with regular expressions (despite everything I have tried), and I think the issue is caused by the fact that I haven’t found a good tutorial yet (until now).

Love the fact that you repeat the same thing but with small different alterations which makes it easy for anyone to understand what is happening.

Thanks for this amazing intro to regular expressions.