ProxySQL AdminIn this blog post, we demonstrate a new feature in ProxySQL Admin: support for multiple clusters.

In a previous blog post, Ramesh and Roel introduced a new tool that helps configured Percona XtraDB Cluster nodes into ProxySQL. However, at that time it only worked for a single cluster per ProxySQL Admin configuration. Starting from ProxySQL 1.4.6, which comes with an improved ProxySQL Admin tool (proxysql-admin), our tool now supports configuring multiple Percona XtraDB Cluster clusters with ease (PSQLADM-32).


  • Cluster name (wsrep_cluster_name) should be unique.
  • proxysql-admin.cnf configuration differences:
    • ProxySQL READ/WRITE hostgroup should be different for each cluster.
    • Application user should be different for each cluster.
  • Host priority feature support only one cluster at a time.

Configuring /etc/proxysql-admin.cnf

As mentioned above, the CLUSTER_APP_USERNAME and the WRITE/READ_HOSTGROUP should be different for each cluster. Wsrep_cluster_name should also be unique for each cluster.

Sample configuration of /etc/proxysql-admin.cnf for cluster1:

Sample configuration of /etc/proxysql-admin.cnf for cluster2

Setting up Percona XtraDB Cluster nodes in ProxySQL

I would add that you have the option to use a single proxysql-admin.cnf file, and just edit the file where changes are appropriate. You could also use two different files to configure ProxySQL. In my example, I used two files with the contents as seen above:

Inspect ProxySQL tables

Login to ProxySQL to confirm that the setup is correct:

It’s as easy as that! We hope you continue to enjoy using ProxySQL Admin!