Percona Toolkit 3.0.9Percona announces the release of Percona Toolkit 3.0.9 on April 20, 2018.

Percona Toolkit is a collection of advanced open source command-line tools, developed and used by the Percona technical staff, that are engineered to perform a variety of MySQL®, MongoDB® and system tasks that are too difficult or complex to perform manually. With over 1,000,000 downloads, Percona Toolkit supports Percona Server for MySQL, MySQL, MariaDB®, Percona Server for MongoDB and MongoDB.

Percona Toolkit, like all Percona software, is free and open source. You can download packages from the website or install from official repositories.

This release includes the following changes:

New Tools:

  • PT-1501: pt-secure-collect – new tool to collect and sanitize pt-tools outputs

New Features:

  • PT-1530: Add support for encryption status to pt-mysql-summary
  • PT-1526: Add ndb status to pt-mysql-summary (Thanks Fernando Ipar)
  • PT-1525: Add support for MySQL 8 roles into pt-mysql-summary
  • PT-1509: Make pt-table-sync only set binlog_format when necessary (Thanks Moritz Lenz)
  • PT-1508: Add --read-only-interval and --fail-successive-errors flags to pt-heartbeat (Thanks Shlomi Noach)
  • PT-243: Add --max-hostname-length and --max-line-length flags to pt-query-digest

Bug Fixes:

  • PT-1527: Fixed pt-table-checksum ignores --nocheck-binlog-format


  • PT-1507: pt-summary does not reliably read in the transparent huge pages setting (Thanks Nick Veenhof)

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