Percona announces the release of Percona Monitoring and Management 1.4.1 on Thursday, November 2nd, 2017. This release contains fixes to bugs found after Percona Monitoring and Management 1.4.0 was released. It also introduces two important improvements. We replaced the btrfs file system with XFS in AMI and OVF images, and the Prometheus dashboard has been enhanced to offer more information.

For install and upgrade instructions, see Deploying Percona Monitoring and Management.


  • PMM-1567: The btrfs file system has been replaced with XFS in AMI and OVF images to meet the requirements of AWS Marketplace.

  • PMM-1594: In Metrics Monitor, the Prometheus dashboard has been updated to show more information about the running Prometheus jobs and help estimate their efficiency.
    Percona Monitoring and Management

Bug fixes

  • PMM-1620: In some cases, PMM could not be upgraded to version 1.4.0 by using the Update button on the landing page.

  • PMM-1633QAN would show error List of Tables is Empty for instances having been upgraded from earlier releases of PMM, due to incorrect values being stored in the database. This has been addressed to identify the incorrect values and replace with accurate schema and table information.

  • PMM-1634: The Advanced Data Exploration dashboard did not always display data points from external:metrics monitoring services due to a too restrictive Grafana Template filter.

  • PMM-1636: Special characters prevented the removal of external:metrics services using the pmm-admin remove command.
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When can i use QAN to analyze the slow query’s “first seen “,”last seen” time again

Roma Novikov

Hello. It will be added back in 1.5 release


thanks,i helps me a lot