Author - Roman Vynar

Monitoring made easy with Percona App for Grafana

Percona has released a new Percona App for Grafana!
Are you using Grafana 3.x with Prometheus’ time-series database? Now there is a “Percona App” available on! The app provides a set of dashboards for MySQL performance and system monitoring with Prometheus’ datasource, and make it easy for users install them. The dashboards rely on the alias label […]

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Graphing MySQL performance with Prometheus and Grafana

Graphing MySQL performance

This post explains how you can quickly start using such trending tools as Prometheus and Grafana for monitoring and graphing of MySQL and system performance.
Update, February 20, 2017: Since this blog post was published, we have released Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM), which is the easiest way to monitor MySQL and MongoDB using Grafana and […]

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Percona Monitoring Plugins 1.1.6 release

Percona Monitoring Plugins

Percona is glad to announce the release of Percona Monitoring Plugins 1.1.6.

Added new RDS instance classes to RDS scripts.
Added boto profile support to RDS scripts.
Added AWS region support and ability to specify all regions to RDS scripts.
Added ability to set AWS region and boto profile on data source level in Cacti.
Added period, average time […]

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Percona Monitoring Plugins 1.1.5 release

Percona is glad to announce the release of Percona Monitoring Plugins 1.1.5.

Added more DB instance classes to (issue 1398911)
Added configurable query period and average time to (issue 1436943)
Added region support to (issue 1442980)
Added an option to alert when server is not configured as replica to pmp-check-mysql-replication-delay (issue 1357017)
Added an option to […]

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