Hoss Talks Foss: The Podcast is Now Available

Percona Open Source PodcastGreat news!  Percona’s Community-focused podcast, hosted by none other than the HOSS (Head of Open Source Software) himself (yeah, that is me), is now available on almost all podcast platforms.

What? You didn’t know we had a podcast?

We do, and we’ve had some great episodes since we started in January. In fact, we just published our 10th episode! We talk about all things open source-related on the podcast, from SSPL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MariaDB, Linux, and more!  We will also be touching on a ton of other tech topics as well. Here’s a quick recap in case you missed any episodes.

Currently Available Interviews and Discussions:

In episode #1, we sat down with Peter Zaitsev (Percona’s CEO) to talk about open source, the cloud’s impact, and investors on open source licensing.  We also cover the news about Elastic adopting the SSPL license.  

[Video Link: SSPL and the Cloud]

In episode #2 we sat down with Walter Garcia (Remote Database Engineer) to talk about MySQL backups.  We talk about not only best practices but also touch on the biggest mistakes when setting up backups. 

[Video Link: MySQL Backups]

Episode #3 is all about running your database in K8 (Kubernetes).  In this episode, we sit down with Sergey Pronin to talk about the evolution of Kubernetes and why people are looking at it for databases.   

[Video Link: Databases on Kubernetes]

Episode #4 We catch Up with Pingcap/TiDB developer Morgan Tocker and talk about contributing to OSS and TiDB.  Morgan has been in the MySQL community for longer than I have, and we chat about old projects, swap fun stories, and talk about contributing.  

[Video Link: TiDB, Open Source, and MySQL]

David Murphy joins us on episode #5 to catch up on all things DevOps, SRE, and DBRE related.  David has been a long-time contributor in the MongoDB, MySQL, and open source communities.  He talks about how the DBA role is evolving and how he helps to modernize the infrastructure at a major international airline (including mixing  Oracle, MongoDB, MySQL, and PostgreSQL).  

[Video Link: SRE, DBaaS, and DevOps for Databases]  

Open Source Podcast

In episode 6, we catch up with Google Dev Advocate Gabi Ferrara.  Gabi and I discuss her career in the database space and how she progressed and had to work to reach the point where she is today. Gabi free offers her advice to others trying to break into the tech industry.  We also talk about the database and development challenges and struggles she helps people overcome in her current role.   

[Video Link: Google Cloud, Dev Rel, and SQL

In episode 7, we catch up with long-time engineer and community member Lenz Grimmer.  Lenz is currently our Sr Director of Server Engineering at Percona.  He talks about open source communities, how to contribute, and where we have come from.  

[Video Link: Database, Open Source Contributions, Engineering, and Linux

We celebrate episode 8 by bringing in Datastax VP of Engineering EMEA Henrik Ingo.  Henrik talks about his time at MySQL, MariaDB, and MongoDB before Datastax (he has seen the inside of many great database companies).  Henrik talks about Datastax and how his team is opening up more to the open source community while other companies are locking more down.  It is a fascinating discussion and one not to be missed.  

[Video Link: DataStax, MongoDB, FOSS, and Openness

In episode 9, we explore ARM-based EC2 instances with Jobin Augustine.  The new instances are cheaper, faster, and better for the environment!  We talk through benchmarking the new instances and the benefits.   

[Video Link:  Graviton2 ARM Performance, Benchmarks, and PostgreSQL]

Finally, in the 10th episode, we talk to Alkin Tezuysal about all things Vitess and MySQL.  Alkin works for Planetscale and is one of the maintainers for Vitess.  We talk about use cases, how to contribute, and who is using Vitess in the wild.

[Video Link:  Talking Vitess, Scaling Databases, and Sailing]

The Hoss Also Had a Couple of HOSS Quick Hits (Not Exactly Full-Length Podcasts, but Interesting Quick-Hit Topics)

How about 7 minutes on MongoDB Performance Tuning?   I sat down with Mike Grayson and asked him the most important things to tune in MySQL after upgrading the memory.  

[Video Link: Tuning MongoDB’s Memory after an upgrade]

Want the short version of the difference between MongoDB replication and sharding and when to use each?  In this 12-minute video, Akira Kurogane sits down with the HOSS to explain how replication and sharding work in MongoDB.   

[Video Link:  MongoDB Sharding 101]

Percona CommunityFuture Topics – Community Driven

Have an idea for a future show?  Want to be a guest?  Drop me a line at hoss@percona.com!



database podcastWhere Can You Find the Podcast?

You can watch the video versions (if you can handle 30-40 minutes of me staring awkwardly at the camera) on YouTube. You can also subscribe on popular platforms like Podbean, Google, and Apple.

Note: YouTube has all the episodes today in this playlist, and other podcast services will fill in the episodes over the next week.

Have a great day, everyone!

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