A Blog Shamelessly Bribing You to Review Percona Monitoring and Management!

We would love you to help us spread the word about Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) to make sure even more people are aware of it and adopting it. And we are not afraid to offer (modest) bribes!

  • If you already use PMM please write an independent review of its pros and cons on the AWS and/or Azure product page.
  • If you don’t use PMM, please install and try this software to see how it can help you improve the monitoring of your database environment.

For those of you new to Percona Monitoring and Management, it is a best-of-breed open source database monitoring solution. It helps you reduce complexity, optimize performance, and improve the security of your business-critical database environments, no matter where they are located or deployed.

Percona Monitoring and Management can be used to monitor a wide range of open source database environments:

  • Amazon RDS MySQL
  • Amazon Aurora MySQL
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • Percona XtraDB Cluster
  • PostgreSQL
  • ProxySQL

Percona Monitoring and Management is now available for fast installation on two marketplaces – AWS and Azure. We are keen to increase the number of PMM reviews on those pages so that potential users can get an independent view of how it will benefit their business.

We will send you special Percona Swag for every verified review you post before December 20, 2020. 

Just send us a link to your testimonial or a screenshot, and we will send you the latest in Percona gear – 100% free, and shipped to you anywhere in the world!

You can choose from any of these gift options:

review percona monitoring and management

Any meaningful review (ie: not just a star rating) earns swag; whether it is positive, negative, or mixed. We believe in open source and learning from our users, so please write honestly about your experience using Percona Monitoring and Management.

To claim your swag, email the Percona community team and include:

  1. The screenshot or link to your review
  2. Your postal address
  3. Your phone number (for delivery use only, never for marketing)
  4. If you have chosen a sweatshirt or hoodie please also let us know what color (grey, black, or blue), and your size.
  5. We only accept feedback from PMM users who are using AWS and Azure marketplaces.
  6. Be sure to submit your review before December 20, 2020!

It’s that simple!

So, please visit the AWS and Azure Percona Monitoring and Management download pages to add your review today!



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