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Percona Product FeedbackAll Percona products are free and open-source.  If you use Percona software, provide us with your feedback and help make a larger audience aware at the same time. This helps drive our software development forward – without costing you anything.

You can do this by writing a user review on Capterra and G2. These are well-known software review sites used by many to overview what products are available on the market.  Reviews provide valuable feedback to help guide our development process and make a broader audience aware of Percona software, which also furthers development.

Reviews don’t need to be lengthy, polished, or time-consuming. You can write a great review by answering just a few simple questions:

  1. Which feature do you like most?
  2. What would you like to see improve?
  3. How useful has this product been for you?

Percona values honest feedback. Do not hesitate to include both positive and negative comments. Reviews can even be done anonymously if you wish.

Capterra currently has a special promotion underway if you act before July 15. The first 100 qualified reviewers receive a free $20 Visa card! (Offer is managed by Gartner, independent of Percona.)  To collect your $20 bonus, submit a review on Capterra for:

Capterra also accepts reviews on other Percona products, but they are not eligible for the $20 incentive:

To add a review on G2, visit any of these Percona product pages. Unlike Capterra, G2 does not have any incentive program underway.

Percona remains grateful for everyone who shares reviews about our products, whether positive, negative, or mixed.  These really motivate our development teams and help us learn from our user base. Thank you!

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