PMM 2.1, MongoDB Hot Backups, Percona Server Updates: Release Roundup 11/18/2019

Percona Software Release Nov 18It’s release roundup time here at Percona!

As mentioned a few weeks ago, we are now publishing release roundups comprising all the details and information you need on the previous week (or two)’s releases from Percona. This post will encompass releases from November 4, 2019 – November 18, 2019.

Each roundup will showcase the latest in software updates, tools, and features to help you manage and deploy our software, with highlights and critical information, as well as links to the full release notes and direct links to the software or service itself.

In this edition, we highlight two recent version updates to Percona Server for MySQL, improvements and new features in Percona Monitoring and Management 2.1.0, and some very cool new functions in Percona Server for MongoDB 4.2.1-1, including streaming hot backups in all our active MongoDB releases.


Percona Server for MySQL 5.6.46-86.2

On November 6, 2019, we released Percona Server for MySQL version 5.6.46-86.2, the current GA release in the 5.6 series. It includes several bug fixes, including a fix of the Audit log filtering by a user not working and the addition of a package version for the Red Hat Package Manager (rpm). Percona Server for MySQL is an enhanced drop-in replacement for MySQL.

Download Percona Server for MySQL 5.6.46-86.2


Percona Monitoring and Management 2.1.0

PMM 2.1.0, a free and open-source platform for managing and monitoring MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL performance, was released on November 11, 2019. This version has bug fixes and many new features, including a latency detail graph, additional log and config files, and the disabling of heavy-load collectors automatically when there are too many tables.

NOTE: Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) employs a client/server model. You must download and install both the client and server applications. The directions for doing this are in the documentation.

Download Percona Monitoring and Management 2.1.0


Percona Server for MongoDB 4.2.1-1

On November 13, 2019, we released Percona Server for MongoDB version 4.2.1-1, which includes all of the new features of the latest version of MongoDB 4.2 Community Edition, as well as the Percona Memory Engine storage engine, encrypted WiredTiger storage engine, and enhanced query profiling.  Percona Server for MongoDB 4.2.1-1 adds the ability for remote streaming hot backups to Amazon S3 or compatible storage such as MinIO, and is now included in all our active MongoDB releases (3.6, 4.0, and 4.2).

Download Percona Server for MongoDB 4.2.1-1


Percona Server for MySQL 5.7.28-31

As of November 13, 2019, Percona Server for MySQL 5.7.28-31 is now the current GA (Generally Available) release in the 5.7 series. It is based on MySQL 5.7.27 and includes all the bug fixes in it. If you’re currently using Percona Server for MySQL 5.7, Percona recommends upgrading to this version of 5.7 prior to upgrading to Percona Server 8.0. Percona Server for MySQL is trusted by thousands of enterprises to provide better performance and concurrency for their most demanding workloads.

Download Server for MySQL 5.7.28-31

That’s it for this roundup, and be sure to follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date on the most recent releases! Percona is a leader in providing best-of-breed enterprise-class support, consulting, managed services, training and software for MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and other open source databases in on-premises and cloud environments.

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