Upgrading to MySQL 8? Meet the MySQL Shell Upgrade Checker Utility

MySQL Shell Upgrade Checker UtilityMySQL Shell is a pretty nice piece of software. Is not just another mysql client but it is also a tool that offers scripting capabilities for JavaScript and Python. And one of the coolest things you can do with it is to check if your MySQL 5.7 server is ready for an upgrade or not. Enter: Upgrade Checker Utility.

MySQL Shell Upgrade Checker Utility

So what is it? It is a script that will check your MySQL 5.7 instance for compatibility errors and issues with upgrading. It’s important to notice the word “check”. It doesn’t fix. Just check. Fix is on you, friendly DBA (or we can happily assist with it).

But isn’t there something that already does that? Close, but no. The mysqlchk program and the –check-upgrade parameter does something similar: Invokes the CHECK TABLE …. FOR UPGRADE command. The Upgrade Checker goes beyond that. There are also instructions to perform the same checks independently, available here: https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/8.0/en/upgrade-prerequisites.html

Now, how can I use it? First of all, you’ll have to install the MySQL Shell package:

Now you are ready to perform the check. Is a simple as executing this one-liner:

mysqlsh root@localhost -e “util.checkForServerUpgrade();”

No fatal errors were found that would prevent an upgrade, but some potential issues were detected. Please ensure that the reported issues are not significant before upgrading.

Cool, right?

Some things were missing due to lack of parameter. Let’s pass it.

Now we have 22 warnings instead of one!