Upcoming Webinar 7/18: Learn how to connect a MySQL database with Java

Please join Percona’s Service Delivery Manager Rodrigo Trindade as he presents “Troubleshooting Java Connections to MySQL” on Thursday, July 18th, 2019 at 10:00 AM PDT (UTC-7).

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This talk will explain the steps needed to make a connection from Java to MySQL work and highlight potential issues you might encounter. It will cover all components, installation, and configuration.



Rodrigo Trindade
Service Delivery Manager

Rodrigo has a Master in Computer Science degree by the Rio Grande do Sul Federal University (Brazil) as well as over 10 years of experience as a CS Professor. Started as Software Developer then moved to Support Engineering working for Netscape, Sun Microsystems, and Oracle. Joined Percona in 2018 as a Service Delivery Manager. Solaris, Java, and Weblogic certified.

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