Community Update for PL Open Source Database Conference 2019

Percona Live 2019It’s not long now before we’ll be gathering in Austin TX for this year’s Percona Live event. It’s the only conference of its type dedicated entirely to open source databases – of all marques. From a community perspective, we have a few updates to share.

Community Dinner

We’re happy to say that PlanetScale have stepped up to the plate (!) and are sponsoring this year’s community dinner alongside Percona. This year we are taking to the water and consequently numbers are limited to 100 attendees. If you are keen to join us, be sure to not miss the boat.  😉


The speakers’ perspective

For speakers who also enjoy writing, there’s an opportunity to write about forthcoming presentations on our Community Blog. There’s still time if you haven’t sent a piece and would like to do so, please get in touch. Here are the contributors so far, and there are more to come:

Even if you are not speaking at Percona Live you might be interested to know that there’s an opportunity to write for the Community Blog permanently available. You’ll find more information about that here

Some other highlights

After the first day of the event, after tutorials and before the start of the conference sessions, there will be a welcome reception. Break the ice, and enjoy meeting with your peers.

Lunch is provided each day, but this year instead of that being quiet time, there will be the chance to look in on some lunchtime keynotes as well as browse the expo hall during lunch and break times.

Alongside the sponsored stands, there will be an ‘ask the experts’ booth attended by members of the Percona technical team.

Plenty of opportunities to maximize the value of your attendance!

Attending the conference

If you’re attending the conference this year – or would like to – we want the experience to be enjoyable, informative, and memorable – for all the right reasons! Please take a few minutes when you can to read the code of conduct and diversity statements on the conference website. If you would like to attend but need advice or assistance, there’s some information there that could help you decide. You’re welcome to contact the Community Team in confidence if you’d like to do that.

Percona Live community dinner on the Lone Star River Boat

Photo from Lone Star Riverboat, April 2018, and our venue for the Community Dinner

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