Percona Live 2018: Migrating to Vitess at (Slack) Scale

Percona Live 2018 is moving along, and the first person I got a chance to talk with is Michael Demmer, Senior Staff Engineer at Slack. His talk was on Migrating to Vitess at (Slack Scale).

MySQL is the backbone of Slack’s data storage infrastructure. It handles billions of queries per day across thousands of sharded database hosts. Slack is migrating this system to use Vitess’ flexible sharding and topology management instead of simple application-based shard routing and manual administration. This effort aims to provide an architecture that scales to meet the growing demands of our largest customers and features while under pressure to maintain a stable and performant service.

This talk presented the core motivations behind our decision, why Vitess won out as the best option, and how Slack laid the groundwork for the migration within our development teams. Michael then presented some challenges and surprises (both good and bad) found during their transition, and the contributions to the Vitess project that mitigated them. Finally, he discussed the future plans for their migration, and suggested improvements to the Vitess ecosystem to aid other adoption efforts.

I spoke briefly with Michael after his talk, check it out below:

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