This Week in Data with Colin Charles 25: Meltdown/Spectre still dominate, FOSDEM approaches and Timescale gets funding

Colin CharlesJoin Percona Chief Evangelist Colin Charles as he covers happenings, gives pointers and provides musings on the open source database community.

Still on Meltdown/Spectre, this time MariaDB Corporation has published Meltdown Vulnerability Impact On MariaDB Server – interesting the comparison between glibc/tcmalloc. Worthy Facebook thread about this too, with a bit of chat about MongoDB performance. Officially MongoDB says a degradation of 10-15%. ScaleGrid has a good post, in which they test MongoDB against AWS/Azure/DigitalOcean. It’s interesting that on AWS they see a 4-5% hit on insert workloads, but on Azure its 10-20% and on DigitalOcean its 30%! (The comparison for the balanced workload is that on AWS its 2-3%, 20-205% on Azure, and 30% on DigitalOcean).

We’ve chosen tutorials for Percona Live Santa Clara, and will be announcing them soon; and by the first week of February most talks as well. Don’t forget you have the option to still get the best price at registration now.

Don’t forget that in the next week, we have FOSDEM — many Perconians will be there and look forward to meeting with you. We have a community table. Peter Zaitsev has a talk in the main track. Don’t forget the fringe events: on 2nd February there is a pre-FOSDEM MySQL Day, the MySQL & Friends Community Dinner, and also a CentOS Dojo that I will be speaking at. Looking forward to a packed & fun-filled Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

It’s worth reading this: Timescale raises $16M from Benchmark, NEA, Two Sigma Ventures for the database to help us understand our machines and our world. Timescale has been an active participant in the Percona Live events, and this round of funding bodes very well for the PostgreSQL database world.


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