This Week in Data with Colin Charles 21: Looking Back on 2017 in the Open Source Database Community

This Week in Data with Colin Charles 21: Looking Back on 2017 in the Open Source Database Community


Colin CharlesJoin Percona Chief Evangelist Colin Charles as he covers happenings, gives pointers and provides musings on the open source database community.

The end of the year is upon us, and this column is being penned a little earlier than usual as I enjoy a quick bout of wrapping up for the year.

We’ve had a lot of things happen in the database world. It’s clear that open source is everywhere, the cloud is large, and we’ve seen a lot of interesting movements in our MySQL world, from the standpoint of corporate contributions too. GitHub continues to enhance Orchestrator, and gh-ost keeps on getting better; Facebook has ensured MyRocks is now mainstream in both MariaDB Server and Percona Server for MySQL distributions; Alibaba Cloud and Tencent have been contributing to make MariaDB Server better.

We’ve seen the year end with MySQL 8.0 release candidate ready, as well as MariaDB Server 10.3 Beta. We had MariaDB Server 10.2 go GA in May 2017, and we’ve seen a steady stream of improvements in MySQL & Percona Server 5.7 releases.

Vitess I think is still a bigger deal than it’s made out to be. Slack talking about their use case at Percona Live Dublin was good. ProxySQL is a shining star for proxies.

We’ve seen some database vendors pass on — RethinkDB, with very promising technology, started in 2009, raised $12.2m, but finally ended up at Stripe with the code open and relicensed thanks to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. We’ve seen Basho (makers of Riak), start in 2008, raised $61.2m, ended up at Bet365 and Riak is all open source now.

We’ve seen MongoDB IPO, MariaDB Corporation raise more money (some reported $98.2m in total), and more money still streams into the database world, like for BlazingDB in the GPU space and so on.

What do I look forward to in 2018? Oracle compatibility and PL/SQL in MariaDB Server 10.3 should be interesting. I’ve heard a lot of buzz around Apache Kafka. I expect we’ll see more manageability in MySQL. And also, fun to note that MMAPv1 in MongoDB has been deprecated before MyISAM in MySQL.

Right before the New Year, it is interesting to look at some proxy statistics of database usage, via the WordPress Statistics. Head down to the MySQL versions, and you’ll note that 5.5 gets 41.9% of users (this could be MySQL/Percona Server for MySQL or MariaDB Server), but you’ll also notice at a close second comes 5.6 at 39.8% of the users (this is only MySQL or Percona Server for MySQL). 5.7 gets 6.4% of the users as the 3rd most popular option, followed by 5.1 at 4.3% of users of WordPress (these folk desperately need to upgrade). 10.0 gets 1.6%, while 10.1 gets 3.8% (these are all MariaDB Server versions only). So the death of MySQL has greatly been exaggerated — people like it, people use it, and I can only imagine if more distributions ship 5.7 or 8.0, this could be a win for MySQL.


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