Percona Live 2017: Day Two Keynotes

Welcome to the second day of the Percona Live Open Source Database Conference 2017, and the second set of Percona Live keynotes! It’s a bit rainy outside today, but that isn’t bothering the Percona Live attendees (we’re all indoors learning about new open source technologies)!

Day two of the conference kicked off with another four keynote talks, all of which discussed issues and technologies that are addressed by open source solutions:

Percona Live KeynotesThe Open Source Database Business Model is Under Siege

Paul Dix (InfluxData)

Paul Dix’s keynote may have ruffled a few feathers, as he looked at possible futures for the open source software model (and community). The traditional open source infrastructure business model relied on the backing company providing either support and professional services or closed source tools to provide additional functionality like production tooling, enhanced security and monitoring. For a time this model was good, and it worked. But will it be feasible in the future to maintain this model, given the nature of how markets are developing? Paul discussed various reasons why he thinks the answer is “no.”

Percona Live KeynotesKeynote Panel (Percona, VividCortex, Continuent)

Richard Hipp (, Baron Schwartz (VividCortex), MC Brown(Continuent), Peter Zaitsev (Percona)

Join Percona and the Diamond sponsors of the conference, VividCortex and Continuent to talk database trends. They provided their thoughts on Paul’s talk (above), time series data and database development, whether SQL databases should continue to develop for “niche” functions and what we should be looking for at Percona Live 2020.

Percona Live KeynotesMySQL 8.0: Powering the next generation of Web, SaaS, Cloud

Tomas Ulin (Oracle)

Tomas Ulin, VP of MySQL Engineering at Oracle, provided this morning’s audience with a big picture overview of MySQL 8.0 development priorities, features that are available, and what is coming in upcoming releases. He covered MySQL 5.7, MySQL 8.0 and InnoDB Cluster. He also discussed MySQL’s roadmap and featured some benchmark performance comparisons.

Percona Live KeynotesThe Future Of Monitoring Is Distributed

Baron Schwartz (VividCortex)

Baron Schwartz of VividCortex gave an insightful lecture on “observability” in the data layer. The world of technology is undergoing a rapid and permanent shift. He pointed out how we all know that we’re moving to the cloud at an accelerating pace. The fundamental change that’s taking place today is that our applications are far more distributed than they’ve ever been, in nearly invisible ways. And that’s not good, because invisible means unmeasurable. He posited that “observability” is the new goal for all the data that is available to businesses, and that businesses should make decisions based on what the data says about what customers want.

All the keynotes today highlighted the many different aspects of the open source database community that come together to solve database challenges. Percona Live runs through Thursday 4/27. Check out tomorrow’s keynotes here, as well as the numerous breakout sessions with top open source database experts.

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