Percona Live 2017: Day One Keynotes

Welcome to the first day of the Percona Live Open Source Database Conference 2017, and the first set of Percona Live keynotes!

It’s a beautiful day in Santa Clara, but we don’t know because we’re inside the Hyatt Regency Convention Center listening to various rock stars in the open source database community talk about open source technologies. Day one of the conference kicked off with four keynote talks, all of which discussed issues and technologies that are addressed by open source solutions:

Percona Live KeynotesPercona Welcoming Keynote

Peter Zaitsev (Percona)

Peter Zaitsev, CEO of Percona, welcomed everyone to Percona Live Open Source Database Conference 2017 and discussed the history of Percona Live. Percona Live has grown significantly over the years, changing from just a MySQL conference into an open source database technology conference. This change has mirrored the growth and acceptance of open source technologies in what traditionally were commercial marketplaces.

Percona Live KeynotesContinuent is back! But what does Continuent do Anyway?

Eero Teerikorpi, MC Brown (Continuent)

Eero Teerikorpi from Continuent discussed how Continuent as a company has developed over the years – from startup to acquisition by VMware back to separate entity, with regards to its Tungsten database replication and clustering product. Eero explained how Continuent’s swan logo represents it’s long relationship it has had with its customers, and how its Tungsten product is an outstanding replication solution. Eero asked select Continuent customers to tell everyone about how they use their multi-site/multi-master and advanced replication solutions, and explain how Tungsten helped them solve database replication issues.

Percona Live KeynotesOpen Source Database Ecosystem

Peter Zaitsev (Percona), Colin Charles (Percona), Dmitry Andreev (Yandex), Justin Teller (Facebook), Tal Levy (Elastic Search), Björn Rabenstein (SoundCloud Ltd.), Paul Dix (InfluxData), Michael J. Freedman (TimescaleDB)

For our third keynote, we had a panel of speakers from a variety of open source companies: Yandex, Facebook, Elastic Search, SoundCloud, InfluxData,TimescaleDB and of course Percona. The topic was the explosion of time series data. Percona sees time series databases as a trend of 2017, hence the idea of having quick 5-minute lightning talks from projects that are stellar. With the increasing availability of IoT devices and the data they provide, time series data is more and more important in the database landscape. All of these companies provide people with an interest in capturing, monitoring, and analyzing time series data could use their various solutions for that purpose.

Percona Live KeynotesSQLite: The Most Important Software Component That Many People Have Never Heard Of

Richard Hipp (

The final keynote this morning was a discussion with the creator of SQLite, one of the most used RDBMS. Rather than use a client-server model, SQLite is embedded in the application. There are more instances of SQLite running today than all other database engines combined. This talk reviewed the features, capabilities, limitations, and usage patterns of SQLite and asks why you are not using SQLite more yourself.

All the keynotes today highlighted the many different aspects of the open source database community that come together to solve database challenges. Percona Live runs through Thursday 4/27. Check out tomorrow’s keynotes here, as well as the numerous breakout sessions with top open source database experts.

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  • Jouni Järvinen Reply

    SQLite is great in its own right, but there should be superior non-Java-based alternatives.

    April 27, 2017 at 10:45 am

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