Percona Live Europe 2016: “MySQL 8.0: what’s new in Optimizer” with Manyi Lu

Percona Live EuropeToday was the first day of sessions at Percona Live Europe 2016, and it was packed with exciting talks and important information on open source databases. Some of the most anticipated talks are those that cover what to expect in MySQL 8.0.

One of those talks was given by Oracle’s Manyi Lu, Director of Software Development. She discussed MySQL 8.0: what’s new in Optimizer.

In her talk, Manyi discussed what we could look forward to in MySQL 8.0’s optimizer. There are substantial improvements in the optimizer in MySQL 5.7 and MySQL 8.0. Most noticeably, users can now combine relational data with NoSQL using the new JSON features. MySQL also now supports functional indexes through generated columns. MySQL 8.0 also makes DBA’s lives easier with EXPLAIN options for running queries and the query rewrite plugin.

On the performance side, MySQL can avoid creating temporary tables for UNION ALL, enable range scans on IN queries with row value expressions and make use of condition filtering. MySQL 8.0 also contains histograms, invisible indexes, common table expressions and we extended the JSON support.

Percona’s EMEA Field Marketing Manager Kamal Taibi was able to chat with Manyi Lu and get some insights into her talk. Check it out below!

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