MySQL 5.7: Introduction for Operational DBAs

mysql 5.7Join us Tuesday, February 16, 2016 9:00am PST (UTC-8) for a webinar on the operational and monitoring features of MySQL 5.7 with Percona CEO Peter Zaitsev.

MySQL 5.7 is a great release, providing valuable features for both daily operations and ongoing development. In this, part two of our ongoing 5.7 webinar series, we will look into the new MySQL 5.7 features and enhancements that improve operations, with a specific focus on monitoring. These include:

  • An improved optimizer, including updates to EXPLAIN and enhanced JSON support
  • Performance and scalability improvements for the InnoDB storage engine, including temp tables, spatial types and full text search parsing
  • Security improvements, such as a password expiration policy
  • Performance and sys schema improvements, such as memory usage, metadata locks, monitoring capabilities and reduced footprint/overhead
  • Better online server management
  • Improved replication functions, including new statements for multi-source replication and better monitoring

MySQL 5.7 promises to be faster, more robust, and more secure. We look forward to seeing you at the webinar!

Peter Zaitsev co-founded Percona in 2006, assuming the role of CEO. Percona helps companies of all sizes maximize their success with MySQL. Percona was named to the Inc. 5000 in 2013. Peter was an early employee at MySQL AB, eventually leading the company’s High Performance Group. A serial entrepreneur, Peter co-founded his first startup while attending Moscow State University where he majored in Computer Science. As CEO of Percona, Peter enjoys mixing business leadership with hands on technical expertise. Peter is co-author of High Performance MySQL published by O’Reilly, one of the most popular books on MySQL performance. Peter blogs regularly on and speaks frequently at conferences. Peter lives in North Carolina with his wife and two children. In his spare time, Peter enjoys travel and spending time outdoors.

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