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MySQL QA Episode 6: Analyzing and Filtering

 | July 15, 2015 |  Posted In: Insight for DBAs, Insight for Developers, Percona Server for MySQL, Percona Software, Quality Assurance


Welcome to MySQL QA Episode #6!

Today we will look into analyzing and filtering our QA run. We’ll use tools like pquery-prep-red.sh, pquery-clean-known.sh & pquery-results.sh

1. Quick re-cap and QA run setup
2. pquery-prep-red.sh
3. pquery-clean-known.sh
4. pquery-results.sh
5. Bonus: pquery reach – pquery-reach++.sh

We’ll also introduce the text_string.sh tool which extracts a most-specific text string from the error log in order to classify a bug/issue.

Full-screen viewing @ 720p resolution recommended

Roel Van de Paar

Roel leads Percona's QA team. Before coming to Percona, he contributed significantly to the QA infrastructure at Oracle. Roel has a varied background in IT, backed up by many industry leading certifications. He also enjoys time with God, his wife and 5 children, or heading into nature. Roel tweets at @RoelVandePaar


  • If you run pquery-run.sh first time you will likely get an error indicating missing “jemalloc” package:

    [root@centos-base percona-qa]# ./pquery-run.sh
    [07:40:46] [] Assert! jemalloc not found at /usr/lib64/libjemalloc.so.1, please install it!
    ./pquery-run.sh: line 31: //home/221554/pquery-run.log: No such file or directory

    The solution for CentOS 7 is just activating EPEL and installing:

    yum -y install epel-release
    yum -y install jemalloc

  • Another issue i have encountered is:
    [08:07:25] [0] Copying datadir from template…
    ls: cannot access /home/470678/data.template/*: No such file or directory
    [08:07:25] [0] Assert: /home/470678/data.template/ is empty? Check /home/470678/log/mysql_install_db.txt to see if the original template creation worked ok. Terminating.

    [root@centos-base ~]# cat /home/470678/log/mysql_install_db.txt
    FATAL ERROR: please install the following Perl modules before executing /opt/mysql-5.6.19/scripts/mysql_install_db:

    solution is:
    yum install perl-Data-Dumper

  • Dear all,
    Also you may be hit an error below, first pquery-prep-red.sh
    [root@centos-base 362406]# ~/percona-qa/pquery-prep-red.sh
    Something is wrong: this script could not read reducer.sh at /sda/randgen/util/reducer/reducer.sh – please set REDUCER variable inside the script correctly.

    You must edit pquery-prep-red.sh and give a correct path to find reducer.sh. Default is:
    # User variables

    Just change it and it will work correctly.

    To get a reducer.sh just do:

    bzr branch lp:randgen

  • All, please note we have moved percona-qa to GitHub:

    To clone it, use:
    $ sudo yum install git
    $ cd ~
    $ git clone https://github.com/Percona-QA/percona-qa.git

    reducer.sh was also put directly into this repository (and it is maintained there), so *no* need anymore to separately fetch lp:randgen.

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