Team Tokutek is proud to join Team Percona!

If you haven’t already heard, on the Tuesday morning of the 2015 Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo it was announced that Tokutek is now part of the Percona family.  This means TokuDB® for MySQL, and TokuMX™ for MongoDB are Percona products now; and that the Tokutek  team is now part of the Percona team.

Percona’s well-deserved reputation for unparalleled customer service and support in the MySQL market makes them the perfect home for Tokutek’s ground-breaking products.  And with the Tokutek acquisition, Percona can expand and extend their activities and offerings into the MongoDB market.

This is a win/win for NoSQL and MySQL fans alike.

More About Tokutek

Tokutek is the company that productized a new and revolutionary form of database indexing designed specifically for modern, Big Data applications.  Based on data science research on new methods for high-performance data processing for data sets that no longer fit in memory, Fractal Tree® indexing is the secret sauce inside TokuDB and TokuMX.

Unlike the 40-year-old B-tree indexing found in other MySQL and MongoDB solutions, Fractal Tree indexing enables: up to 50x better performance; as much as 90% data compression; and 95% better write-optimization.  That translates into significant customer satisfaction gains as well as major cost savings.

In addition, drawing upon their experience in the MySQL world, Tokutek developers introduced full ACID and MVCC transaction compliance, better concurrency, and an improved failover protocol to the MongoDB marketplace with TokuMX. And that means better reliability for mission-critical big data applications built with MongoDB.

Next Steps

The Tokutek team is very excited to be joining the Percona team as we move into the next phase of growth on the MySQL and NoSQL market.

For now, if you want to learn more about TokuDB and TokuMX please visit  (In the coming weeks, the Tokutek site will be folded into the Percona site.)

If you want to strike up a conversation about enterprise subscriptions for either product drop us a line at

Craig Clark
Vice President, Percona Sales

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