MySQL QA Episode 1: Bash/GNU Tools & Linux Upskill & Scripting Fun

MySQL QA Episode #1: Bash/GNU Tools & Linux Upskill & Scripting Fun

This episode consists of 13 parts, and an introduction. See videos below

In HD quality (set your player to 720p!)


Part 1: echo, ls, cp, rm, vi, cat, df, du, tee, cd, clear, uname, date, time, cat, mkdir

Part 2: find, wc, sort, shuf, tr, mkdir, man, more

Part 3: Redirection, tee, stdout, stderr, /dev/null, cat

Part 4: Vars, ‘ vs “, $0, $$, $!, screen, chmod, chown, export, set, whoami, sleep, kill, sh, grep, sudo, su, pwd

Part 5: grep, regex (regular expressions), tr

Part 6: sed, regex (regular expressions)

Part 7: awk

Part 8: xargs

Part 9: subshells, shells, sh

Part 10: if, for, while, seq, head, grep & grep -q, sleep, tee, read & more

Part 11: Arrays, lynx, grep, egrep, awk, redirection, variable, printf, while, wget, read

Part 12: Production scripting examples

Part 13: Gnuwin32, Gnuwin32 escaping & path name/binary selection gotcha’s, untar, unzip, gzip for Windows

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