FOSDEM 2014: MySQL And Friends Community Dinner

FOSDEM 2014: MySQL And Friends Community DinnerFOSDEM is coming to town again here in Brussels this February 1-2, and as usual, there is a MySQL Devroom. Traditionally, a MySQL and Friends community dinner is also held during the event and this year is no different – we’ve organized one for Saturday, February 1 from 8:30 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. (CET).

If you want to sign up for the dinner, go to

This year’s edition is going to be slightly different…

We have rented a private cafeteria at a company called Mundo-B, where catering will be served by Kamilou.

The whole place is ours – there will be high tables and normal tables, and plenty of time and space to socialize and meet people, even the ones that are sitting 3 chairs away from you!

There’s also no need to wait for your food anymore. There will be a 3-course buffet and drinks are included! We’ve ensured that vegetarians also have a choice. Gone is all the hassle of deciphering bills and calculating how much money you’ve spent.

We’ve requested a typically Belgian menu to be put together for the occasion. Here is what you can expect:


– Brussels Sprouts Salad with Mustard
– Chicory and apple salad


– Beef stew with Grimbergen beer
– “Waterzooi” with fish, Flemish style
– Vegetarian option (to be announced)
– Fries, salad and bread included


– Cheesecake with “speculoos”
– Chocolate fondant

Available drinks (included):

– Choice of Belgian Beers
– Red Wine / White Wine
– Sparkling Water / Still Water

An event like this would not be possible without a very generous list of sponsors who helped us greatly in bringing the price down for each attendee and allowing us to organize it at the listed ticket price – including our own Percona, along with Oracle and MariaDB.

On that subject, we would like to point out that we will not be able to get an exact fix on the price until we have a full list of attendees, so with that in mind, the price we’ve set is based on the assumption of a certain amount of people attending. If the amount of people ends lower than our target, any remaining funds will be donated to the Fosdem organization.

The reason we charge money up front is two-fold:

1) We need to be able to give the caterer a rough estimate of the amount of attendees ahead of time. Free signups tend to make that number a bit less reliable. We want to make sure there is enough food to go around for everyone attending!

2) Stress-free financials on the night of the dinner! We all know the effects of Belgian Beer on arithmetic skills. Flash your ticket, get your food.

We’re looking forward to meeting you all again at Fosdem and the Community Dinner. See you then!

Party-Squad – Lizz, Dim0, Kenny

Generously sponsored by:

Wondering how to get there from Fosdem?

The venue itself is located very close to the Royal Palace. You can find the route to get there right here.

The total distance from the ULB campus is about 3.3km, so you could walk there, but it might be more comfortable to take the bus.

– Bus 71 departs from the “ULB” or the “Jeanne” stops regularly, and will take you up to “Matonge”, where you need to get out, and walk the remaining 350m.

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