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I enjoyed Stewart Smith’s MySQL storage engine blog last week. In it he noted “I cannot emphasize how much more interesting TokuDB would be if it were open source.” Well, with our open source announcement yesterday, hopefully we are getting interesting. 🙂

We wanted to thank everyone for the great feedback. Here is a sampling from some of the forums where dialogue is occurring:


BrianAtDTS: “With this update, this puts MySQL in the upper echelon of data storage applications. You don’t have anything like this in any of the other major db’s.”


@xaprb: “The TokuDB storage engine for MySQL is now open-source. Congratulations & thanks Tokutek!”

@rolandbouman: “The MySQL ecosystem just got a lot more interesting for the Enterprise: @mariadb merges with @skysql, and @tokutek is now open source.”

Hacker News:

mrjbq7: “TokuDB is great technology, glad to see them embracing open source.”

Colin Charles Agenda:

“I think this is really big news. Beyond just the fact that it can now be a storage engine in the main MariaDB tree, I love the work they’re doing to extend it to be an engine for MongoDB as well.”

Blog Comments:

Ronald Bradford: “That’s great news. I am looking forward into delving into some code when I have some free time. Also easier to evaluate with clients as there no barrier to entry in getting the foot in the door. Well done to the team.”

Press Release:

“We’re delighted to welcome Tokutek to the open source community of MySQL,” said Tomas Ulin, Vice President MySQL Development at Oracle. “Much of the vitality of the MySQL ecosystem comes from its open source software dynamic, and it’s great to see new innovation in products like the TokuDB storage engine.”

“I was really happy to hear that TokuDB is now Open Source. It will make it much easier for us to both integrate it deeper than ever before into MariaDB and to add it as a standard component. Being Open Source, and part of MariaDB, will greatly help accelerate the adoption of TokuDB,” said Monty Widenius, co-founder of MySQL. “Having more offerings around TokuDB is also good news as it will make TokuDB more attractive to a larger range of customers.”

“At Mozilla we’ve been using TokuDB since day one of Datazilla. We knew that we’d have large data sets and it was our storage engine of choice. By going open source, Tokutek has made it much easier for TokuDB to be used across many more projects,” said Sheeri Cabral, DBA, Mozilla.

“Tokutek’s decision to open source its TokuDB storage engine will result in tighter integration with the community of complementary partner offerings used to enhance the MySQL experience,” said Peter Zaitsev, CEO of Percona. “Overall, this will accelerate the acceptance of TokuDB as an important tool for improving overall MySQL performance.”

“Tokutek open sourcing its TokuDB storage engine is in line with Continuent’s practice of promoting high-quality open source offerings for MySQL users,” noted Robert Hodges, CEO of Continuent. “A vibrant, open MySQL ecosystem is a real benefit to DBAs and IT architects who are looking to build innovative new businesses and applications that leverage the popular LAMP stack. We welcome the news and look forward to seeing TokuDB work even better with Continuent Tungsten as a result.”

And this is just sample. Thanks again to all for the great feedback, and thanks to those who came by the booth to express their excitement about the offering.

It is nice to be interesting!

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