Webinar: Building a highly scaleable distributed row, document or column store with MySQL and Shard-Query

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On Friday, February 15, 2013 10:00am Pacific Standard Time, I will be delivering a webinar entitled “Building a highly scaleable distributed row, document or column store with MySQL and Shard-Query”

The first part of this webinar will focus on why distributed databases are needed, and on the techniques employed by Shard-Query to implement a distributed MySQL database. The focus will then proceed to the types of distributed (massively parallel processing) database applications which can be deployed with Shard-Query and the performance aspects of each.

The following types of implementations will be described:

  • Distributed row store using XtraDB cluster
  • Distributed append-only column store using Infobright Community Edition
  • Distributed “document store” using XtraDB cluster and Flexviews
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Justin Swanhart

Justin is a former Principal Support Engineer on the support team. In the past, he was a trainer at Percona and a consultant. Justin also created and maintains Shard-Query, a middleware tool for sharding and parallel query execution and Flexviews, a tool for materialized views for MySQL. Prior to working at Percona Justin consulted for Proven Scaling, was a backend engineer at Yahoo! and a database administrator at Smule and Gazillion games.

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