Where to get a BZR tree of the latest MySQL releases

I just posted this to the MySQL Internals mailing list:

Hi all,

Like many of you, I’m disappointed that the bzr trees for MySQL are out
of sync with the tarball source and binary releases from Oracle.

Since Oracle has been silent on this, and this is a recurring problem,
I’ve decided to attempt to help the situation.

I’ve created the following bzr trees:

These are going to be exact mirrors of the lp:mysql-server trees, except
where the lp:mysql-server trees lag behind or differ in some
indeterminate way from what has been released as Oracle MySQL – in which
case we’ll import the latest released source tarball.

These trees have *NOTHING AT ALL* from Percona Server, they are simply
straight MySQL, as you would download from Oracle or (at least
previously) from the bzr trees hosted on launchpad.

For example, right now, the 5.1 tree differs as MySQL 5.1.65 has been
released but the last tagged release in the lp:mysql-server/5.1 tree is
MySQL 5.1.63.

For cases such as this, I have imported the MySQL source tarball into
the appropriate lp:percona-server/upstream-X tree and will reconcile it
with the Oracle lp:mysql-server/X tree if/when that becomes available.

The 5.6 tree also differs, as MySQL 5.6.6-m9 has been
released but the BZR tree is somewhere after MySQL 5.6.5 (and since I
cannot be sure that lp:mysql-server is actually still pointing to 5.6
and not an internal 5.7 tree, I’ve created it based off of the tagged
mysql 5.6.5 release).

Basically, for those who make use of BZR trees of MySQL be it for
building, making binary packages for distributions, working on your
internal branch or fork, these lp:percona-server/upstream-X trees will
always be usable – and quickly.

I’ll update them to the latest MySQL release as soon as humanly
possible – hopefully within a day or two of Oracle making a new release
announcement. Percona will have paid resources ensuring that this is
kept up to date for at least as long as it is useful for us.

The only reason they sit under lp:percona-server/upstream-X instead of
some other project on Launchpad is that I couldn’t think of any better
place to put them or a project name that I wouldn’t have to talk to a
trademark lawyer about.

It is well within the rights of Oracle to *not* publish a BZR tree at
all. What stings is the lack of communication.

I hope this helps others, and I’m quite sad that I’ve had to do this.

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  • Arshia

    Hi Stewart,

    I’m a CIR Recruiter and we’re Desperatley in need of a “MySQL/Oracle DBA” for a 6 months contract in Washington DC. Is there Anyway you can help me with that? It has been very challenging. We can pay around $65-68/hr on W2 and up to $80/hr on 1099. Please let me know if you might know someone who might be a good fit? We also pay a referral fee. Any advice will be a huge help to us at this point.

    I will be looking forward to hearing back from you!

    February 1, 2013 at 11:17 am

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