Percona welcomes Yves Trudeau and Fernando Ipar


I’m happy to extend a warm welcome to two new members of the Percona team.

First is Yves Trudeau, about whom I can say many things:

  • One of the top MySQL Cluster (NDB Cluster) experts in the world.
  • An expert on all things High Availability, including DRBD and Heartbeat.
  • Many years of experience with Huge Data.
  • Half of the Waffle Grid team.
  • A really nice person!

Yves joins us after a tenure of several years as a senior consultant at Sun/MySQL. Together with Matt Yonkovit, he plans to work on WaffleGrid (but as a new project under a new name, to be determined), and integration with XtraDB. Yves lives in Quebec with his family.

Next is Fernando Ipar. Fernando is our first dedicated Shift Support Captain[1]. Fernando specializes in MySQL, GNU/Linux, systems administration, and high availability. Fernando has been involved in computer programming since he was 11, and in Open Source since 2001. He loves shade-grown coffee, music, and natural history. He lives in Uruguay with his wife and family. Fernando brightens our IRC channel with his helpful and cheerful presence!

Welcome, Yves and Fernando!

[1] Shift Support Captain is kind of a dispatcher for 24-hour service. We have been doing 24×7 service through an on-call phone number for years, but a few months ago we started literally manning the desk 24×7 — something that we have grown large enough to both need and justify, at our current size of around 30 people. Our customers can now use email, Skype, AOL messenger, or Google Chat (as well as the phone number) to get immediate attention, 24×7, from a technically savvy person.



  1. Morgan Tocker says

    @CoolCold – We keep an internal IRC channel for all staff to discuss customer issues, etc.

    I’m normally on #mysql on Freenode when I’m not traveling (i.e. not this week). My nickname is morgo.

    For Maatkit, there’s often someone hanging out in #maatkit as well.

  2. Nicholas says

    I am from Quebec, does Percona have room for me? 😉 My interests are how log files get replicated across multiple nodes using DRDB, SAN or iSCSI, and having and NDB cluster node load the information back into memory when it comes back to life. Sound familiar? Also part of my interest is knowledge representation using the description logic formal language (OWL-DL), and natural language processing.

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