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Percona has a strong team of MySQL developers and consultants on board, so we decided to prepare builds with our patches and third-party patches which we think are very useful. We actually use these internally and for our customers.

Current releases include:

  • microslow patch (enables microsecond resolution in slow logs)
  • execution plan (show info about query execution in slow log)
  • InnoDB statistic (show extended InnoDB usage during query execution in slow log)
  • Google’s patches with user statistics, and statistics about tables and indexes usage

You can find more info about some of our patches here:
Some features were sponsored by customers and we are allowed to publish them under GPL and some we developed for internal needs.

We prepared 5.0.62 release (based on MySQL Enterprise 5.0.62 source, taken from http://mirror.provenscaling.com/mysql/enterprise/source/5.0/) and 5.1.26-rc release, and they are currently available only as source .tar.gz, but we will provide public access to our YUM repository with binaries, RedHat/CentOS and Suse RPMS / SRPMS when they’re available. Here are links to the source releases:

mysql-5.0.62-percona.tar.bz2 md5:0d8a37e09eca93cde6170866293a82ff
mysql-5.1.26-percona.tar.bz2 md5:0574b38755786a97bc476058051cbe82

You can find the individual patches here:

Besides standard 5.1, we are going to make releases with the InnoDB plugin version compiled in (not as a plugin), as the current system with independent InnoDB binaries does not seem handy for us.

We have couple of ideas what else we can develop and include in our releases, but also your comments are very welcome.

We are still investigating Launchpad features, there is our -percona branch, but it is outdated at this moment. Probably our next releases will be based on Launchpad branches, we still need to decide how it fits into our development model.

Disclaimer: Although we use tested releases as best as we can, and use them internally, we do not claim they are bug-free, and you should use them only if you know what you are doing.

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Vadim Tkachenko

Vadim leads Percona's development group, which produces the Percona Server, Percona Server for MongoDB, Percona XtraDB Cluster and Percona XtraBackup. He is an expert in solid-state storage, and has helped many hardware and software providers succeed in the MySQL market.



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  • Hi Another vote for windows Pleaaaasseee !!!

  • Have you considered putting your tree up on Launchpad?

  • Thanks for this! It’s a nice to have access to a patchset that someone can vet far more thoroughly than I can.

    Do you ever build deb/deb-src packages?

  • Vadim Post author


    As I mentioned, we are looking into Launchpad, but our developers use mercurial queues to manage patches, so we think how we can use Launchpad.

  • Vadim Post author


    We do not have debian servers, and debian also is rarely used by our customers, so we have no plans to build deb right now, but may reconsider that if there will be many requests for.

  • Good stuff, I’ll certainly be looking at your builds, I’ll wait for the binaries. CentOS 5 64 bit for me.

  • Hi,
    I would also vote for Debian packages :) I have created/modified some small packages myself, but mysql is too complex for me to do it.

  • “We have couple of ideas what else we can develop and include in our releases, but also your comments are very welcome.”

    PBXT, Sphinx ?

  • Any plans for a windows binary?

  • Another vote for Debian packages :-)

  • This is excellent news.

    I’ll put in another vote for 64-bit RHEL/CentOS 5.

    I understand that you can’t have every hardware platform and ever Distro/OS for testing available. For Debian, et all, maybe you can find someone willing to make the packages based on your source and ship them back in.

  • Vadim Post author

    We do not plan Windows binaries at all unless we have serious requests for.

    As for Debian probably we can cooperate with contributors. Our patches also will be available via hg queue so it will not be hard to extract them and prepare deb-src.

  • Excellent.

  • Very interesting.

    another vote for debian btw…

  • Nice!

    .. and another Debian vote 😉

  • This is excellent news and great for users who want performance critical features but don’t want to patch and build MySQL. SHOW USER_STATISTICS is my favorite patch so far, does this include it?

  • Vadim Post author


    Yes, it contains

    We are going to make this info available via INFORMATION_SCHEMA.

  • Ernesto Vargas

    I am recompiling for CentOS 5.2, using centos.org specs files from mysql-5.0.45-7.el5.src. If everything goes well I will do it for 64-bit currently on 32-bit.

  • I am SERIOUSLY requesting Windows binaries :-) You guys are great!

  • Cyril Scetbon

    If guys want debian packages 5.1.26-rc with theses patches I can provide them.
    Simple question : Is there any documentation about innodb_stat patch ? How do we use it ?

  • Thanks Cyril. Can’t wait to see the debian package 😉

  • @Michael -> I don’t think they’re going to make windows binaries for free. If you do need windows binaries, call them and buy their commercial consulting service.

  • And yes, I vote for another Debian package :-)

  • Debian package vote 😉

  • Thx a million for this patched version. It makes it a lot easier to find the mysql turbo switch for your custom application.

  • Sweet…..

    Consider this a debian vote.

  • Vote for debian package.

  • Another bump for Debian please 😉 In contrast to you folks, we exclusively run Debian and about 90% of customers do too!

  • Alexander Mikhailian

    As a developer and a Debian and/or Ubuntu user, I am primarily interested in Percona patches because of the easier database optimization (microslow, anyone?).

    I am too lazy to build mysql with the Percona patchset, for the little value it provides for me, but I would gratefully install it if it was readily available.

    Debian users like me are probably a fraction of your customers, but they are the likely those who advise your customers on the choice of technology and suppliers. It’s an important market, guys.

  • Alexander,

    We hear you, thank you for feedback. We are working on our build farm and we will build Debian binaries.

  • Tossing in another vote for deb packages.

    These patches are swell, but I have little to no experience in building mysql from source. A .deb package would be great!

    Keep up the great work btw =]

  • Debian package voooootte !!!
    it has change my life ^^

  • What about Solaris package? Is it possible?

  • I really want test this in Windows. Please port for Windows!

  • Another vote for *.deb packages.

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