As a small company with limited resources, Comperio needed to find a partner to help with their database environment in order to allocate resources elsewhere.

These plans included improving front-end application performance and staring data collection projects that monitored user interactions and behavior. As they scaled up their business – and subsequently, their database – this became even more of a priority.

Comperio engaged Percona to:

  • Meet business-critical scaling needs
  • Guarantee database uptime
  • Help create a reliable, always-available application experience for customers
- Dario Rigolin, Owner of Comperio:

“Percona consulting helped us get our architecture running smoothly. And with Percona support, we know that any database issues we encounter will be handled immediately, quickly and with the best solution. Percona experts have the knowledge and experience to handle any database challenge.”

Comperio has a passion for making libraries accessible and usable for both library customers and library staff. They are a company that provides a library management system (LMS) as an enterprise resource planning system. An LMS is used to track items owned, orders made, bills paid, and patrons who have borrowed items. They were one of the first companies to provide these services “in the cloud” – a model that was somewhat revolutionary at the time.