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Support Tiers

Hours 24x7 24x7 24x7
SLA Money Back Guarantee [1]
Severity 1 Response Time 30 Minutes 30 Minutes 15 Minutes
Severity 2 Response Time 90 Minutes 60 Minutes 60 Minutes
Severity 3 Response Time 8 Hours 4 Hours 4 Hours
Severity 4 Response Time 48 Hours 24 Hours 12 Hours
Percona Server for MySQL Support
MySQL server contract includes Percona Server for MySQL, MariaDB, and MySQL Community.
A separate contract is required for MongoDB/ Percona TokuMX and Percona Server for MongoDB
    Percona Server Hot Bug Fixes
    Percona XtraDB Cluster

MariaDB Support
    MariaDB Bug Fixes
MySQL Support
    MySQL Community Bug Fixes
    Percona TokuDB
    Support for Legacy
    MySQL releases (pre 5.1)
MongoDB / TokuMX / PS for MongoDB Support
Percona XtraDB Cluster / MariaDB Galera Cluster / Galera Cluster for MySQL Support
    Percona XtraDB Cluster Hot Bug Fixes
Standard HA
Advanced HA
Enterprise Ready Tools Support (Hot backup, Audit, Etc.)
Login Support (Percona Support Access Methods)
Login Support (Customer Specific Access Methods)
Screen Sharing (Percona Standard Screen Tools)
Screen Sharing (Customer Specific Screen Share Tools)
Monthly Status Review
Proactive Support via TAM
Consultative Support
Installation and Upgrade Consultation
Use of Percona Standard Contract
Use of Customer Specific Contract
Copyright Indemnification
Custom Liability Options


Enterprise Wide License Available?


TAM Service Add-on Option


Custom Monitoring Tools/Selection Options


Phone Support
Chat Support
Email Support
Discount on Project Work?   10% 20%
Number of Contacts 10 10 20

[1] Customers' accounts will be credited a service credit for 1/10th of the monthly amount of the contract for each SLA violation, up to the monthly support cost.

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