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Troubleshooting hardware resource usage webinar: Q & A

Overlooked MySQL performance optimization

In this blog, I provide answers to the Q & A for the Troubleshooting hardware resource usage webinar.
First, I want to thank everybody who attended the May 26 webinar. The recording and slides for the webinar are available here. Below is the list of your questions that I wasn’t able to answer during the webinar, […]

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MySQL 5.7 By Default 1/3rd Slower Than 5.6 When Using Binary Logs

binary logs make MySQL 5.7 slower

Researching a performance issue, we came to a startling discovery:
MySQL 5.7 + binlogs is by default 37-45% slower than MySQL 5.6 + binlogs when otherwise using the default MySQL settings.
Test server MySQL versions used:
i7, 8 threads, SSD, Centos 7.2.1511
mysqld –options:

–no-defaults –log-bin=mysql-bin –server-id=2
Run details:
Sysbench version 0.5, 4 threads, socket file connection
Sysbench Prepare: 


sysbench –test=/usr/share/doc/sysbench/tests/db/parallel_prepare.lua –oltp-auto-inc=off –mysql-engine-trx=yes –mysql-table-engine=innodb –oltp_table_size=1000000 […]

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Webinar Q & A for Introduction to Troubleshooting Performance: What Affects Query Execution?

Query Execution

In this blog, I will provide answers to the Webinar Q & A for Introduction to Troubleshooting Performance: What Affects Query Execution?
First, I want to thank you for attending the April, 7 webinar. This webinar is the third in the “MySQL Troubleshooting” webinar series and last introductory webinar in the series. The recording and […]

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Indexing 101: Optimizing MySQL queries on a single table

I have recently seen several cases when performance for MySQL queries on a single table was terrible. The reason was simple: the wrong indexes were added and so the execution plan was poor. Here are guidelines to help you optimize various kinds of single-table queries.
Disclaimer: I will be presenting general guidelines and I do […]

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Increasing Cloud Database Efficiency – Like Crows in a Closet

In Mo’ Data, Mo’ Problems, we explored the paradox that “Big Data” projects pose to organizations and how Tokutek is taking an innovative approach to solving those problems. In this post, we’re going to talk about another hot topic in IT, “The Cloud,” and how enterprises undertaking Cloud efforts often struggle with idea of […]

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