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Security Threat Tool Design in Percona Monitoring and Management

Security Threat Tool Percona Monitoring and Management

Security Threat Tool (STT) is the new Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) feature. It provides the ability to run automated security checks across all of your databases and detect potential security problems. For example: empty or default passwords, weak security settings, outdated database versions, misconfiguration, but also more complex and tricky issues.

Security checks developed […]

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MySQL 101: How to Find and Tune a Slow SQL Query

tune a slow sql query

One of the most common support tickets we get at Percona is the infamous “database is running slower” ticket.  While this can be caused by a multitude of factors, it is more often than not caused by a bad query.  While everyone always hopes to recover through some quick config tuning, the real fix […]

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Webinar July 9 – Modern Solutions for Modern Database Load: MySQL 8.0 and Percona

Modern Solutions for Modern Database Load_ MySQL 8.0 and Percona

Join Sveta Smirnova, MySQL Engineer at Percona, as she discusses modern solutions for modern database loads.
MySQL is famous for working well in high performing environments. This is the reason why it is the most popular backend for web applications. But our view of what to call high-performance changes over the cycles. Every year we […]

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MySQL Table Fragmentation: Beware of Bulk INSERT with FAILURE or ROLLBACK

MySQL Table Fragmentation Insert

Usually, database people are familiar with table fragmentation with DELETE statements. Whenever doing a huge delete, in most cases, they are always rebuilding the table to reclaim the disk space. But, are you thinking only DELETEs can cause table fragmentation? (Answer: NO).
In this blog post, I am going to explain how table fragmentation is […]

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Extending Percona Monitoring and Management for MySQL InnoDB Cluster with Custom Queries

pmm innodb custom queries

A few days ago, a customer got in touch asking how they could use Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) to monitor the roles played by each node in an InnoDB cluster. More specifically, they wanted to check when one of the nodes changed its role from Primary to Secondary, or vice-versa. PMM allows for […]

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